Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tun Mahathir - a great thinker

Dr Khalid, centre, in Ampang a couple of years back.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, former Malaysian Prime Minister, is "hot" news in the web and foreign publications for his stand against his chosen successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. To Umno apple polishers, Mahathir is out of their agenda, but to others he is their saviour.

To a surgeon from Saudi Arabia, who has yet to meet Dr Mahathir, the Malaysian statesman is a great thinker. Dr. Khalid S.A. Abu Al Saud, had nothing but praise for Dr Mahathir and he penned his feelings and admiration of Dr Mahathir in a poem. The poem was composed a few years back when Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister.

I would like to share his poem with you:


Whirling, and whirling...gracefully
Beyond the horizon of time and space,
Malaysian souls of past generations
Over the country with many religions,
With many races...but one nation.

The Malaysian miracle observing
How their children in rose gardens playing
In modern schools studying, in modern factories working,
High tech products producing,
Creating prosperity, and national unity,
With the blessing of the Almighty.

Children...O' children!!
Who has made this miracle?
Father...O' father!...Our great leader is a great teacher,
A religious doctor, a great thinker,
Persuaded praise God and Malaysia only,
The country with different races and religions,
Living together as one nation...with one clear destination.

Father...O' father!...without him...without his vision,
We would have no miracle,
We would have glooming confusion...big talking no action,
Irrationality, and power exploitation.

Mahathir...O' Mahathir!
Let the fragrance of jasmines embrace you,
Carrying the fragrance of our emotion!
Each pearl of Malaysian soil..saying to you,
Mahathir...O' Mahathir...thank you,
For the hope you implanted in our hearts,
For teaching us how to seek challenge, and perfection,
How to plan the future...according to clear vision,
How to live with mercy and dignity,
With love and humanity,
How to respect the rule of law,
How to treat the unfortunates with compassion,
How to create transparent societies as one nation.

Mahathir...O' Mahathir!
The flowers of Malaysia...need you.

O' brothers...O' sisters!
Let's say together... Mahathir...O' Mahathir...we love you,
Mahathir...O' Mahathir...thank you.

(Dr. Khalid S.A. Abu Al Saud)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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