Friday, August 25, 2006

2nd Little Penang Street Market

The second Little Penang Street Market will be held on Sunday, 27 August, 10am - 8pm at Upper Penang Road. The site? It is on the road between Farquhar Street and Light Street fronting the E & O Hotel and behind City Bayview Hotel (formely Penang Merlin).

The inaugural market in July got off to a smashing start and I was fortunate to be able to balik kampung to join the crowd. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so this Sunday.

Little Penang Street Market is promoting Penang arts, crafts and music such as beaded shoes, Kebaya Nyonya, hand-painted batik, silverware, clogs, antiques, mouth watering delicacies like lemang, rempeyek, Malay, Indonesian, Arab and Jawi Peranakan cakes, Chinese desserts and kuih Nyonya.

Jawi Peranakan refers to descendants of inter-marriages between local Malays and Indian Muslims. To local Malays, they are sometimes referred to as Jawi Pekan. Well-known Jawi Peranakans are Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the late broadcaster/entertainer Datuk Zainal Alam, Penang Malay Association president Datuk Yusof Latiff, Penang Umno executive secretary Datuk Azmi Merican, late actor Ibrahim Din and cabinet minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil. The Jawi Peranakans contributed tremendously to the development of Penang politically, socially and economically.

Little Penang Street Market is organised by a group of Penangites such as Khoo Salma Nasution and her Lestari group, who care about keeping Penang culturally vibrant. It aims to provide a regular market-place and platform for Penang-based talents in arts and crafts, design and music.

Be part of Little Penang and enjoy a whole-day of live music and entertaintment.


Anonymous said...

Tq for the information about Little Penang. It reminds me of the deliciuous pasembor, cucur udang and nasi kandar of the olden days. Are these food avalaible at Little Penang?

Seems that your gallops have drawn some response from the readers. Keep it up my brother. But, be mindful of the hurdles that you need to cross, lest you break your legs and cannot be a ranggi horse anymore.

Unknown said...

I know when you talk about good ol Penang, you cannot escape from mentioning pasembur, cucur udang, nasi kandar (beratur), laksa, ais kacang Swatow Lane, mi Bangkok Lane, char koay teow and popiah. But, sad to say, they are not part of the Little Penang Street Market. May be not in the so far future, I hope.

Kuda ranggi normally gallops at horse shows or equestrian championships, gracefully and handsomely. Yes, they do kick the bar while jumping the obstacle. I treasure your kind advice and will try my best to keep on "ranggi-ing". Thank you.