Monday, June 09, 2008

Penang of yesteryears

Kelawai Road-Bagan Jermal traffic roundabout (now replaced by traffic lights). Note the attap houses of both Malays and Chinese now replaced with high-rise apartments)

Chinese noodle maker crossing the street.

Policeman (mata-mata) giving direction to tourists riding on a trishaw and the Pasar Chowrasta on Penang Road.

Street cobbler in front of the now demolished Capitol Theatre and the Cold Storage Company (now closed) on Upper Penang Road.

Pictures courtesy of Tan Sri Ani Arope, a distinguished son of Penang and a respected Old Xaverian.


Anonymous said...

Pak Syed, I want to read your memoir. Tulislah pasal your childhood di Penang dan bagaimana boleh menjadi journalist, hari-hari di BERNAMA, bekerja dengan Menteri dan lain-lain. I am sure ramai anak buah dan bekas anak buah nak baca.

- anak buah 80an/90an

Anonymous said...

Pak Tuan

Thanks for the pictures.. Teringat masa dolu-dolu...


Mat Jerman said...

Sunggoh chantek Pulau Pinang, sewaktu dahulu.

I fell in love with the photos immediately.

Its a shame what Penang has become now. Nearly brought tears to my eyes.


salam pak tuan,
nostalgia sungguh. teringat saya semasa kecil-kecil dulu...