Sunday, April 29, 2007

YB, please resign, we need 'development'

The residents of Permatang Pasir, Batu Talam, Machap and Ijok were blessed with millions and millions ringgits of 'development' and much needed infrastructure, aids (not from HIV positive)and even 'instant' traffic light. The traffic light installed in Ijok broke the world record. It was done in less than 10 hours.

They were blessed with by-elections and hey presto! Lots of development allocations were approved. The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, several ministers and chief ministers found the time to 'turun padang' to meet the people. Various activities were carried out for the benefit of the people by the 'caring' government.

By-elections are most welcomed by the people. It is the time for the government to be extra generous, to be caring and to be near the people!

We need the by-elections! I would like to humbly request either my MP (Ampang) or Selangor State Assemblyman (Bukit Antarabangsa) to resign so that a by-election can be held. We need hell lot of things here in Ampang and the only way we can get them is by having a by-election.

Is it too much to ask? Malaysia Boleh!


Rockybru said...

diorang kena mangkat dulu, pak syed. resign? never!
bila lapang, pls join us in front of the masjid bulat in sek 14 petaling jaya. we meet there tuesdays from 11.30am to about 2.
salams x thank u.

Anonymous said...


I am afraid the word resign will never reasonate with any MPs.

If the whole party of greedy,evil leaders can get away with rape, murder, corruption, cronyism, favoritism, C4s, money-laundering, vote-buying, and still manage to keep their posts without any difficulty, thus why should anyone resign.

There probably lies a handbook for MPs to act with any accusations.

"rumourslah, rumours"
"pihak berwajib sedang menyiasat"
"keadaan sedang dipantau"
"kita masih memantau..."
"i dont know"

Unknown said...

Resignation is Greek to Malaysian politicians. It is a well-known fact.

What I am pointing out here is that "instant allocations" will be in store when a by-election is being held. This is simply to bait for votes or "political corruption" which is morally wrong but administratively allowed by the law.

The government will do anything 'legally' to either retain its seat or re-capture it from the opposition. Government machineries will be in full force to 'campaign' legally for the ruling party. Look at the one-sided news coverage of RTM and the tv stations and newspapers under government-linked Media Prima, Utusan Melayu and The Star.

I do not expect my BN MP or State Assemblyman to resign, which the duo will never do, as stated by both of you. It is a taboo to resign!

Anonymous said...

Saya suka dengan cara pemikiran saudara, MPAJ memang teruk,bukit antarabangsa nampak hodoh - iklan haram, jalan berlubang, pagar pecah, sampah sana sini, jika ada pilihanraya memang bagus, nak hentam MPAJ memang tak guna,semua pegawai mangkuk hayun ambil aduan tiada tindakan, makan gaji buta memang tak boleh pakai, mungkin cara timothy mcveigh lebih berkesan