Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now the government wants to monitor the Internet

The Ministry of Information, Malaysia, is to set up a unit to monitor issues of national interest on the Internet. The unit would answer all 'lies and slander'.

Deputy Information Minister, Chia Kwang Chye said the idea was mooted in view of the 'growing importance of the Internet as a powerful communication tool.'

Chia said answers would be in the form of written explanations. However, he did not say how or to whom the answers are to be given.

Of late, the Information Ministry has been 'invading' into other ministries portfolios and this latest move is a classic example.

The Information Ministry have no enforcement power on the Internet or its contents, in fact, it has no enforcement power even over contents of its own radio and television networks. The enforcement power has been transfered to the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry.

Under prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad, the Information Ministry's 'power' has been reduced to just information and a not-so-accurate and reliable feedback agency. Its supervisory and authority on broadcasting matters including approving of licence and monitoring of electronic media contents has been taken away. It has also lost control over the National Film Development Corporation or FINAS to the Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry.

The Information Ministry is now left with the Information Department, the National News Agency (Bernama), the National Film Unit (Filem Negara) and the Special Affairs Department. Bernama, a statutory board, is factually on its own feet.

It is a well known fact that the Information Ministry has not been successful in a number of tasks assigned to it. For example, it failed to woo foreign news agencies and electronic media to set up their regional office or bureau in Kuala Lumpur.

In the year 2000, the ministry said that it was wooing the foreign media to Kuala Lumpur which it claimed offered comparative advantages such as the KL International Airport, the Multi Media Super Corridor and the Petronas Twin Towers.

The government failed to establish Kuala Lumpur as a regional news and information centre and the Information Ministry was responsible for its failure.

International news agencies and television news networks such as Reuters, AFP (French news agency), Associated Press, Kyodo news agency, Jiji and Fuji from Japan, Cable News Network (CNN), CNBC and BBC decided to set up their regional bureaus in Singapore.

Now, the ministry wants to monitor issues of national interest on the Internet, what can I say... enjoy surfing the net!


Anonymous said...

Dear Bro Syed Imran,

The Ministry of Information or better known as Angkasapuri is left with four (4) departments and an agency;

RTM or The Malaysian Boradcasting Department (Jabatan Penyiaran Malaysia)

The Information Deparment (Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia)

The National Film Department (Jabatan Filem Negara Malaysia)

The Special Affairs Department (the last I checked it was still Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas and was told that its name was changed to Jabatan Hal Ehwal Siasah hence Jasa by Kadir Sheikh Fadzir). However the ministry's website said that JAS stands for Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas or what was then known as JHEK.


Bernama the one and only agency which means it was a statutory body of the government.

Kementerian Penerangan or KemPen as Tok Mat acryomned it to be the only ministry whose name and function was one and the same does not have jurisdiction over the private broadcasting bodies since the abolishment of the Boradcasting Act 1978.

The regulatory body of all the private broadcasting institution were under the purview of the Malaysian Multimedia and Communications Commission (MCMC) which reports to the Energy, Water and Communications Ministry.

Angkasapuri now only oversees the contents of RTM (both radio and tv) and RTM alone.

Anonymous said...

Tuan Syed,

I observed that one glaring misperception of even those in authority is to view the Information Ministry as RTM. Let it be known that RTM is just one of the agencies under the ministry and not its entire machinery. Time for RTM to discard its 'big brother' syndrome and admit that it cannot even compete with a fellow agency under the ministry. It would be wrong for RTM to think that just because it has long been associated with television, others cannot beat it at its own game. Even JAKIM, another government agency, had turned to TV9 to broadcast live its media ward presentation recently.

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