Sunday, April 15, 2007

What about monkeyrights?

Every day without fail, unless due to weather conditions, a Chinese Malaysian and an Indian Malaysian, rides their motorcycles to the foothill of the Ampang Forest Reserve, at Taman Tun Abdul Razak or Taman TAR to feed the monkeys.

There are three species of macaques living in the forest. The macaques, namely the silver-leaf or lutong in Malay, the pig-tail or beruk in Malay and the long-tail or monyet in Malay, will take turns to come down to the foothill for the food.

The monkeys are the 'original' residents of the forest reserve and Taman TAR was part and parcel of it. The forest was cleared for the housing estate by a company linked to the Selanor State Government

The beruks and the monyets are familiar with the Chinese and the Indian men for providing them with groundnuts, bananas and other local fruits and bread. Apart from these two kind gentlemen, others occasionally feed the monkeys when they come down to the edge of the forest, at least half a mile away from human dwellings.

But, alas! The Ampang Jaya Municiapl Council or MPAJ came out with a great idea. The council put up two signboards warning visitors not to feed the monkeys! The signboard says it is by order of "the President of Ampang Jaya Municipal Council".

I leave it to you, my weblog's visitors, to ponder whether the Council has the right to prevent the public from feeding the monkeys. What about monkeyrights?


Anonymous said...

Monyet juga banyak di kawasan Memorial Tun Razak, jalan susur Mesjid Negara dekat dengan Taman Burung dan juga di kawasan letak kereta depan Poliklinik Tangling.

Kesian juga dengan monyet-monyet ni sebab kawasan mereka diceroboh manusia.

Apakah penyelesaian nya ?

Anonymous said...

In the wild, much time is spent on foraging for their food, which is more balanced than food handed out by humans. However, once they grow accustomed to being fed by humans, they spend their time loitering around human habitations instead of foraging. Upsetting dustbins and approaching people carrying bags, which they associate with food, become their regular activities. They may turn aggressive when food is denied. Surely, you do not want to run the risk of being scratched? In addition, with food readily available, more time will be spent on breeding. This increases the population rapidly and upsets the delicate balance of nature.

Feeding the monkeys is literally loving the animal to death. More harm is done when you feed them. When you see them again, think of them as cute, but please stop at that. They will thank you for it.
© Sungei Buloh Nature Park

The Star, 20 Feb 2007
Gangs of long-tailed macaque monkeys have been causing havoc in housing estates bordering nature reserves; stealing food and brawling on the streets. "They roam the estate in groups of up to 20 - rampaging the estate and turning over dustbins," one irate local wrote to the national paper in October.
Picnics are spoiled and snacks are snatched from bags. Once the line has been crossed monkeys become invasive. Plastic bag-grabbing and people-chasing is a pattern across Asia, from Hong Kong to Penang, to Bali to Japan, Chan says.
MONKEY CULLING - monkeys are culled annually. Misbehaving monkeys used to be rehabilitated at the zoo but it stopped taking in macaques in 2002 because its cages were full. "Killing them is not the same as for other animals," Professor Peter Ng, Director of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity said. "Even for the most hardened soul. When you look in a monkey's face, you see your face in the mirror".
"Everyday the SPCA puts down cats and dogs, every week we shoot crows and kill giant sewer rats. But with monkeys, the public make a big fuss. So what's the solution? Don't feed the monkeys. We'll be forced to shoot the monkeys if you don't stop."

HARD HABIT TO BREAK. People think they are being kind to monkeys by feeding them, but they are being very cruel and selfish. If you continue to feed monkeys, you will be responsible for their death. Not very kind, is it?


Why must we care about some people who hate animals. for me i am not intersted to care about people. i only care about animals that it.