Friday, April 13, 2007

Dirty Gurney Drive, here is the source

Gurney Drive or Padang Kota Baharu is a popular sea front to Penangites. Every morning, hundreds of people, young and old, males and females, go there for their morning walk. The air is clean and fresh. In the evening, the coastal road is alive with not less than a dozen restaurants and food courts. It is also the home of Penang's most popular shopping complex, Plaza Gurney. Gurney Drive is equally popular with tourists.

Alas! Gurney Drive today is dirty, filthy and smelly, particularly the stretch fronting Plaza Gurney. The sea seems to avoid this muddy stretch. Why?

It is caused by reclamation of Tanjong Tokong for the Sri Tanjong housing project.
But, is the project safe? This particular area was hit by the great Asian tsunami. The housing estate is facing potential disaster if another major eathquake created another great tsunami. Do not under estimate the power of nature!

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