Thursday, May 11, 2006

Political corruption in the way of physical development

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi said Malays had no choice but to move forward and emerge as a developed race by the year 2020. They should not waste the available opportunities to realise this objective.

Abdullah, who is president of the Malay-based United Malays National Organization (UMNO) political party, was speaking at its 60th anniversary gathering in Johor Baru, today (May 11).

First of all, to be a "developed race" you must be educated, dedicated, hard working, honest and trustworthy. Yes UMNO is blessed with a number of educated leaders who are dedicated and hard working. But, how many of them are honest and trustworthy in the real meaning of the words.

One has to look at each and every UMNO divisional leders, state leaders and supreme council members. Look at their dwellings, the cars that they drive, where do they go for holidays, then trace their status and living conditions before that. You will be taken aback.

Abdullah has to be serious to rid his party of corrupted leaders. Many people believed that UMNO will be left with a handful of leaders who are really clean, honest and trustworthy.

The government should award tenders and contracts to genuine contractors and businessmen not to politicians who set up a shell company and then sub-contract the job to other contractors for a quick and easy profit. Problems such as the MRR2 fly-over, the Kuching prison headquarters, the Royal Malaysia Navy base in Johor, the Lumut Naval Dockyard episode, and hundreds of delayed or uncompleted schools, houses, hospitals and clinics would not have occurred.

Stop giving import permits, business and other licences to companies or individuals with political links unless they are genuine businessmen not sleeping partners or those who want to make quick profits.

It is an uphill task to realise the objective of a developed race when your political party is corrupted.

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