Sunday, March 05, 2006

Get well soon Syed Ismail

Syed Ismail Alhabshee is recuperating at home in Taman Tun Abdul Razak, Ampang after undergoing knee surgery. Being a happy and easy going young man, he is already feeling bored and lonely at home. Can you blame him for that?

His right leg, from the thigh downwards, is under bandage and he walks with the aid of crutchs.

Ismail is my wife's nephew and when we went to visit him today, he was away to enjoy the scenery (apart from watching girls on their evening jogs) and ate donuts at a newly opened kiosk. No he did not walk but was driven by elder brother Ilyas and accompanied by three cousins.

Ismail suffered from torn ligament and the doctor recommended surgery. I was told that there is another solution to the problem - prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy works on all knee problems with excellent results. Only in the case of a complete torn ligament is prolotherapy somewhat limited. If there is a partial tear, prolotherapy can reconstruct the ligament and strengthen the joint.

Prolotherapy, according to a medical publication, is short for "proliferation theraphy" or rapid production theraphy. What prolotherapy rapidly produces is collagen and cartilage. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body that is necessary element for the formation of new connective tissue that holds the skeletal infrastructure together. These include tendons, ligaments, muscle fascia and joint capsular tissue.

There are certainly instances in life when surgery is called for, but not nearly as often as it is currently performed. Even so-called "minor" surgery takes a drastic toll on the human body, physically traumatizing and permanently altering its structures, often to its detriment.

Ismail, we cannot be happy unless you have completely recovered. We pray and hope for your early and complete recovery.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info on the theraphy and thank you for including me on your overwhelmed

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha i think he is enjoying his time at home far far away from Work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

me too i think he is enjoying at home hahahahaha FREE

Unknown said...

Well Syed Ismail, dont worry about the two comments by Anonymous. They are simply jealous because they have to attend tuition during the current school breaks. I think you know who they are. To them, I would like to say...Miss Chin is waiting with a cane!