Monday, April 25, 2011

RPK no longer the man of yesteryear - Malaysiakini subscribers

Is Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin or RPK a turncoat or has he fallen to the temptations? These are among questions posted by popular on-line news portal Malaysiakini and subscribers in general.

Following are comments posted by Malaysiakini subscribers:

TKC: A lot of people have stopped giving a hoot to what RPK has to say because he has lost credibility. If RPK now thinks that it was impossible for Rosmah to be at the scene of the crime, why didn't he think about it before he made the statutory declaration?

Whatever RPK has to say - which is invariably not the absolute truth - Najib is not vindicated and cannot be absolved of all the questionable events surrounding the Altantuya Shaaribu murder. 

Justicekini: Sorry RPK, you have been dropped as one of Malaysia's fighter for fairness and justice. You've got to have your facts right first.

What was already written about Najib and Rosmah over the years cannot be simply be washed away by merely saying it came through other informers. In those days past, you were seen to be very critical of Najib and Rosmah. After your statement on TV3, Najib was only too happy to say thank you.

If at all you needed Najib's favour to return to Malaysia without any charges, so be it. But trying to put wool over our eyes after so long, you have gone beond natural justice.

Anonymous_3ec6: RPK has lost all his credibility and is now in a bargaining mode so that all charges will be dropped by the (deleted by this blogger) attorney-general and police force. Nobody cares what he says or writes.

Anonymous_3f96: Something has happened to Raja Petra over the past month. He appears to be a changed man. First, he gives interviews to TV3, a pro-government media organisation. Then he incriminates some of his ex-informers, saying they were part of conspiracy to topple the government.

His words and actions, do not match the RPK of yesteryear. Is he a turncoat? Has he fallen to the temptations of money? Are his actions a part of a bigger plot to assist the opposition? Or is he missing nasi lemak and roti canai and will do anything to return to his homeland?

The RPK of today is a real mystery.

Big Picture: RPK, unlike Anwar Ibrahim, has betrayed the trust that people placed in him. They gave you information, and you named names. Don't think too higly of yourself. You are not an honourable man. What you have done is an act of betrayal.

Avatar1: I use to be a great fan and an ardent reader of articles written by RPK. Now with the TV3 interview and his continuous bad remarks about the opposition in recent months, my eyes has finally opened.

Meranti Kepong: From now onwards, I don't care a hoot about this incredible character known as Raja Petrra. I thought he was a fine person with principles and a folk hero, but now he is nothing but an appalling turncoat for BN-Umno.

Anonymous_5fb: RPK is incorruptible. I have faith in him. He is most feared by 'you-know-who'. Just ask yourselves: If 'they' are so powerful, why let Altantuya case surface in theb very first instance? The truth shall prevail one day. People involved can never escape from the sins they committed.

Allan Goh: friends and readers of Malaysiakini, do not judge unkindly of RPK. He is still the same principled and honest individual that we know. He speaks the truth, which is sometimes unpleasant to the ears, for truth always hurt. he was just merely clarifying his statutory declaration and as usual, TV3 spun it to Umno's favour. After all,  TV3 is run by Umno.

Bill44_sitiger: Pete, take extreme care of yourself and please do not stay any longer in bangkok. It is better for you to return and reside in the land of your birth. Do continue to help the opposition and the people of Malaysia.

You have enlightened Malaysians on many issues. When the people's government takes over Putrajaya then it will (be) safe for you to return. May the Lord be with you and your family. 


Anonymous said...

I think RPK is not a journalist, he is just blogger and looks like he is not much of ethical or moral person.

He change side perhaps because he is no longer in someone's payroll (the cost of living in oversea is quite high)or perhaps he want to support the highest bidder.

Maybe there are other reason that we do not know, only he knows.......

Bottomline is, his writing or words is no longer credible. There is no need for us to waste time to read his blog anymore.

Orang KL

Anonymous said...

In dealing with an oppressive force, one must be cunning. RPK stood by what he said.

Anonymous said...

RPK stand what aa..Raja Pulun Keliling ..muahahahaha..!! Busuk punya olang!!