Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I like America, But ...

I would like to share a poetry by Majeed Al-Barghouthi, a strong supporter of the Arab Resistance Movement.

America fights freedom fighters in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan;
She wants to keep away the war
And winds take fires to her door.

Hatred is made in the United States,
Just count how many war-gates
Her war-lords had created.
And yet, Americans ask why they are hated!

There is no love in American bombs;
They penetrate the hearts and minds
That they say they want to win
And they keep coming in and in.

From the North Pole to the Antartica,
You can see dark spots of America.
Her politicians invent hatred and horror
In the name of war on terror.

I like America, but not her cowboyism
It's like a swastika blended with Zionism.

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Anonymous said...

In my humble OPINION,

This is a beautiful, heartfelt poem.

Poems move the heart and whatever touches the heart creates the fastest reaction from a human being, compared to reactions from other forms of senses. Some scholars have grappled with the thought that the human heart is the sixth sense.

I have heard of poems being misused to bring people to power, of poems being robbed of their beauty by the clear disrepancy between the poem and the actions of the poet.

This poem ,however, brings truth that can be reflected upon.

But some poems only masks the dark intentions in beautiful proses, a shame for the literary world and a shame for those who stands by it.