Tuesday, January 16, 2007

At last PM flew in to flooded Johor

Which is more important? The ASEAN Summit in Cebu, the Philippines or the unexpected major flooding of nearly the whole state of Johor? Some will argue that the ASEAN Summit is important but I, and most probably the majority of straight thinking Malaysians, will say the welfare of our own rakyat is most important.

Better late than never, as the saying goes... and this morning, PM Adullah Ahmad (Badawi) finally flew in from Cebu to Senai and then by heli to Kota Tinggi to visit the poor folks known as flood victims. He was accompanied by the Son of the Lion of UMNO, Syed Hamid Albar (the Lion Cub), the local MP. The Lion Cub, being the MP, should be there much earlier. His deputy or another Cabinet minister could stand in for him in Cebu. I was told that the Lion Cub, or the Circus Lion or Singa Sarkas to others, celebrated his birthday in the Philippines. Happy Birthday!

Let us continue to help, in what ever way, to our Malaysian brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, grandpas and grandmas, irrespective of race and creed, who are affected heavily by the natural disaster, be it in Johor, Pahang or Sabah. This is not the time to play politics. This is the time to unite as our national motto proudly pronounced: Unity Is Strength. Today, they are suffering, who knows, tomorrow or some time in the future, we will be suffering and they will be helping us. Help them now by donating cash, food, drinking water, clothings, blankets, sanitary needs, milk for the babies and small kids... anything useful.

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