Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National Education Blueprint: Focus on 6 student attributes, reforms through 11 shifts and 3 waves | Barisan Nasional

National Education Blueprint: Focus on 6 student attributes, reforms through 11 shifts and 3 waves | Barisan Nasional

Let us pray for the blueprint's success.


nick said...


The idea is great but as usual in Malaysia or to be exact in UMNO's Malaysia, the implementation would always be hijacked by pirates and thieves especially those with powerful "friends and families". Remember DEB, the much touted master plan to lift the Malays out of poverty and destitution? Well, what we have now are super rich UMNOputeras and the squashed and penniless ordinary melayus such as those FELDA folk who recently just realized that they have been robbed by FGV and Isa Samad (under orders by his bosses). But, I wonder, could the blueprint be a great success if a new government comes into power? Why not since we have nothing to lose except remaining in the same old status quo under UMNO!


Zaaba Anak Sarawak said...


We are known to be Master Planners... we have excellent plans for so many things that it is mind boggling to just keep track...

BUT we fail miserably on the implementation part... especially over the past 8-10 years...


Unknown said...

Nick and A Zaaba,

That is why I wrote "let us pray" instead of "let us hope."

It reminds me of the idiom "hope springs eternal" meaning that people tend to go on hoping, no matter how gloomy the prospects appear.

nick said...

One thing for sure is that we have been hoping for decades now for UMNO to change and for their leaders to behave (act more like a government, not thieves and gangsters). Alas, our hope and our loyalty have been taken for granted and worse we were betrayed. So let us now vote and pray for a new and better government and stop the wishful thinking that UMNO will change. After 3 decades of rampant corruption and abuses, would we risk our children's and their children's future by waiting and hoping for another few decades? I think NOT!

After all, we have election every half a decades NOT every 3 decades, so if the government we elect can't perform in that period then they should be kicked out whomever they may be. No hoping, no waiting and of course no blind loyalty! Political party should be the loyal servant of the people and not the other way around! If they don't and would not perform their duties and worse betrayed us then they do not deserve our votes and our support as a government. Period! It's a democracy and its the people who chooses the party or coalition of parties that will reside in Putrajaya and NOT the leader of a political party and NOT the sultan or even the YDP Agong.


Anonymous said...

Tuan Syed,

"Blueprint focuses on six student attributes - Knowledge, Thinking Skills, Leadership, Bilingual Proficiency, Ethics and National Identity"

A blueprint is a plan. It is good to have "plans". We have the master plan vision 2020 which is only a few years away.

I have been to quite a few of our schools in major cities. It is sad to say that the condition of schools are appalling. It is even worst then my time 20 years ago.

Nowadays, they are using plastic chairs from "Kedai mamak" and the tables, the windows are in very bad shape. Some of them have very small canteen. Students have to que up and the by the time they get the food, the time for break is over.

These are not schools which are in remote areas but in a major city.

As for the school syllabus, like so many parents out there. I am unhappy. We are in the age of Science and technology, and yet the emphasis on science and technology is far from adequate.

If they cannot provide the fundamentals of education such as a school that is conducive for studies then I do not think they can hope to achieve much.

I have no confident that all these "blueprints" will lead to something fruitful.

So, in short I agree with you that we should "pray" instead of hope that something good can come out of this.

Orang Johor