Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Straw and Rice on suspicious visit to Iraq

The unexpected and suspicious visit to Iraq by United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary Jack Straw and United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice; three years after the illegal invasion and occupation, seeking the formation of a united government as both claimed, demonstrates the failure of the occupation forces to install what it said was its mission, democracy and freedom.

I cannot help but notice that "straw" and "rice" are united again. "Rice" is the product of "paddy" after it was separated from "straw".

Straw and Rice's visit to Baghdad this week, only proves the failure of the Iraqi elections both countries hailed as successful.

Three years after international warlord George Bush gave the green light to invaders to attack Iraq and "save" the nation from the hands of Saddam Hussein, should now be flourishing as a solid, stable and peaceful democracy. But that is not the case in Iraq. It is much worst than when Iraq was under Saddam.

Before she flew to Baghdad from London, Rice admitted that the U.S. had committed "thousands of tactical errors" regarding its policy in Iraq. But Rice was dumb about the various human rights abuses by US and UK forces, murders of men, women and children, rapes of Iraqi girls and other religious crimes.

The longer British and American forces remain in Iraq, the greater the political, military and human catastrophe will be.

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