Friday, April 28, 2006

Dr M and the bridge that fails to stand

I do not understand why former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad goes all out to defend his decision, I mean 'his decision' because it was agreed unanimously by his Cabinet, to replace the Causeway with a bridge. Most of the ministers who had agreed to the project are now serving under present PM Abdullah Badawi and did an about turn to support Abdullah's decision to cancel the project.

In the Mahathir era, it was Mahathir's decision which would be endorsed by the Cabinet. You can say it is a 'Yes Sir Cabinet! It is more or less the same Cabinet and are they dancing to the tune of Cinta Sayang or Boria Kepala Batas.

Mahathir's spat with the government, the same government now led by his appointed successor, is over the government's decision to scrap the building of a bridge to replace the Causeway. But why? Is it because of self reputation, dignity or recalcitrant?

For what ever reasons, the government's decision, whether you like or not, should be respected. I salute Abdullah for the wise decision to scrap the project, after getting the proper legal advice from the Attorney General's Department. Mahathir should respect the decision and stop interfering.

I will not go into details out of respect for Dr Mahathir. I do not like what is going on. Others are laughing at us.

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Anonymous said...

The members of the earlier cabinet under Tun DM had agreed to the scenic bridge but changedtheir mind when they served under Paklah. going by your argument, how can u conclude that members of Paklah cabinet too was not a "yes man"?

As much as Pkalah's decision should be respected, new cabinet too must respect the decion of the ealier/ preceding cabinet. if every time a new cabinet is formed and the new PM for the sake of being "new" and to be "differrent" follow his own whims and fancy, can here be continuity in development. Paklah did not opposed the sceic bridge when he was the TPM.

The scenic bridge had been agreed upon. To agree on it, took time and money (meetings and meetings including with the geovernment sectors). Fund allocation had been approved - thus it is a betrayal to johorians and generally to malaysian not to proceed with the scenic bridge.

I live on and off in Johore bahru for a substantial part of my life. The scenic bridge has a strategic importance for the nation integral infrastructure.

The bridge would have been completed if ot for the cancellation.

Prof Madya Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin\
Pensyarah (Law) IIUM