Monday, March 21, 2011

The United States of Terror in action.

The United States of Terror has succeeded to convince the UN Security Council, with the exception of China and Russia,  to pass the 'No Fly Zone' resolution over Libya. The UST and her deputy sheriffs namely the United Kingdom, Canada and France then took the opportunity to attack Libya.

According to the international media, overnight 110 cruise missiles were launched supposedly targetting Libya's air defence capabilities and air bases. 

China, Russia and to a certain extend the Arab League have condemned the attacks. The Arab League supported the 'no fly zone' but not the excessive military attacks. Well, it is too late for the Arab League to call for a ceasefire.

The situation in Libya is totally different from Egypt. It is not a case of an uprising against the Libyan government. It is a civil war and the so called co-alition forces are supporting the rebels, which was not what the UNSC authorised them to do so.

The rebels are heavily armed including with fighter jets and anti-aircraft guns, one of  their  jets was shot down as shown on tv world-wide. 

Who are the rebels?  No one knows including Barack Hussein Obama. 

The UST took the opportunity to attack another Muslim state in order to install their puppet regime similar to   Iraq and Afghanistan and with the support of most of the oil-rich Arab states who are their allies  -  Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait. 

It is no secret that since the 1970's the UST created the public opinion against what she called 'terrorism'. She exploited actions aimed at civil targets for her own aims whether they ensued from political or military movements not linked to the UST.

The UST deliberately resorted to generalisation by describing certain countries which go against her interests as terrorists, countries such as North Korea, Iran, Iraq and Libya. They also accused many Islamic movements of terrorism.

The world must wake up and realise that the United States of Terror is the head in the league of terrorism and the champion terroriser.  

Who is next?  Iran?

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