Monday, December 03, 2007

Malaysia is NOT Sri Lanka

A gentleman (I hope I am right) by the name of Sudhir Chadda wrote in India Daily that the situation (ill-treatment of ethnic Indians in Malaysia) is far graver than understood. He was responding to the so-called 'ill-treatment and ethnic cleansing' of Indians in Malaysia as claimed by Hindraf (Hindu Rights Action Force).

"India faces another erupting 'Sri Lanka' in Malaysia. The problem in Sri Lanka is the manifestation of a majority ethnic community continuing centuries of human rights abuse and discrimination on a minority ethnic group. India as a country did little to support the Tamils that want justice. Now it is too late. The civil war in Sri Lanka is real," Chadda added.

He claimed that a similar situation "is arising in Malaysia."

"The Indian communities in Malaysia are abused for centuries. The human rights abuse goes well beyond a few cases. It is an attempt by the majority ethnic groups to literally exterminate the Indian ethnicity in Malaysia," Chadda wrote.

He said India must rise and tell the Malaysian authorities that human rights of Indian ethnic communities will not be tolerated.

"India should threaten militarily and economically. Fiscal, trade and diplomatic boycott is the first step.

"Indian Navy should be authorised to use all means including serious blockades to make the Malaysian authorities know that India will not tolerate ethnic abuse of Indians in Malaysia," he said.

Chadda added that "Malaysian authorities do not understand the slogan of decency. They do understand the tone of military threat. It is time India moves for the Indians. It is time India tells the world stop abusing Indians.

Now, who is this Chadda fellow trying to scare with military threats and naval blockades? Podah!

Well for his information, since he is misinformed and confused and hopefully not insane person, you cannot compare Malaysia with the situation in Sri Lanka. By claiming that 'a similar situation is arising in Malaysia' clearly indicates that you are 'nuts'.

Malaysians in general, Indian-Malaysians included, were fed up and annoyed with the wild accusations hurled by Hindraf especially on the ethnic cleansing.

There are Indian-Malaysian ministers, deputy-ministers, parliamentary secretaries, senior civil servants, senior military and police officers, senior judiciary officers, business tycoons, multi-millionaires and even billionaires, there are Tamil schools (which one cannot find in Singapore) and Hindu temples constructed legally in all Malaysian states.

In Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur you can see the tallest standing statue of the popular (especially in Tamil Nadu) Hindu God, Murugan, which you cannot find such a majestic statue in other non-Hindu countries outside India (Tamil Nadu).

As for calling on the Indian government to 'intervene' including with military threat, Chadda must be reminded that we are not living in the stone age or the era when powerful empires went on world conquest. The United States had done that and now they are suffering in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We are not talking about Indian nationals living or working in Malaysia. We are talking of Indian-Malaysians. They are not citizens of India. They are Malaysian citizens.

India has no right to interfere in the internal affairs of another country unless it is a security or economic threat to India. New Delhi should mind it's own business and refrain from meddling in another country's internal affairs. In the past, India had one way or the other interfered in their regional neighbours' internal affairs such as in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tibet and even China.

For the record, the majority of Indian-Malaysians are loyal, dedicated and good citizens of Malaysia. They had and continue to contribute to the economic and social developments of Malaysia. Hindraf, I believed, did not represent the majority but a minority voice of Malaysian Hindus, not even Malaysian Indians in general bearing in mind there are Tamil Muslims, Gujerati Hindus and Muslims, Punjabi Sikhs and Muslims and the Malayalee Hindus and Muslims.


bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad: Those who considered violating Malaysian territory would receive a bloody nose if they tried.

"You try, you get it," was his blunt message.

Anonymous said...

They are playing with fire. What they said are lies, blatant lies to get foreign sympathies, mainly from India and the indian Diaspora.
If hell breaks loose in Malaysia, blame the Hindraf leaders. They lied, and they will have to pay for it, sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

by virtue of the constitution, we dont need any approval from any other race if we want to build our idol, temples. only the approval of the local council, architect. So dont go around telling where else you can find this, if we have enough devotees, Thaipusam brings in 1 million Hindu's, Buddhists to Batu Caves. If you want to so compare, tell me a Muslim festival that converges that many people in Malaysia at one place?

Anonymous said...

hell wont break loose, sanity will prevail and hardworking people will reason. only uneducated Malays and Indians will fight and die on the streets and they are dispensable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am naive, but we also made 'negative' official stands about other countries. Remember Burma? Whether dictatorship, constitutional monarchy, democracy, facism, communism etc, it's their problem. We also made 'positive' official stands like Zimbabwe for instance. When the west slammed Mugabe, we supported him. When Pakistan declared martial law, we symphatised with reason like the nuclear power is in danger of falling into dangerous elements. But on the other hands supported the expulsion of Pakistan out of Commonwealth. Bila orang cakap pasal kita, melenting pulak. So how?

Anonymous said...

/// there are Tamil schools (which one cannot find in Singapore) and Hindu temples constructed legally in all Malaysian states. ///

What has Singapore done to you to deserve a mention by you in this?

Anonymous said...

it is because of guys like you that organisations like Hindraf have taken root in Malaysia. Stop being in denial all the time.take time to smell the flowers. not all smell nice.tell me something- what would your reaction if Singapore 'did something' to its malay citizens? got the point?

GreenLantern said...

I do not support maintaining Tamil schools; their quality has been questionable over the years (Although I acknowledge that discrimination & corruption are some of the underlying reasons for this) and I believe they will only serve to re-enforce the polarisation that is currently prevalent.

Neither do I support the use of military force for matters such as this.

However, like it or not, there are parallels to Sri Lanka; for one, the minority Tamils had for decades been marginalised and bullied by the majority Sinhalese. A similar situation exists today where the Malay majority disadvantages not only the Indian minority but other races too, including the indigenous people.

If you keep taking, eventually the minorities will have little else left to lose, and that is when Malaysia's problems will escalate to a new level. I will not spell it out but look at what is happening in Ceylon.

I also note the bravado of Kuda Ranggi and his supporters. Mind you, rampant corruption has left the armed forces in the country in a pathetic state, so threatening to retaliate against any military incursion is a lot of hot air, pretty much like the Keris waving episodes.

It cannot be any clearer, Malaysia is at the crossroads and its people have a lot of soul searching to do. Carrying on with the existing policies will only further hurt this once beautiful paradise, and make no mistake, despite all the rhetoric, the Malays will collectively wind up as the victims of their own affirmative action policies.

Anonymous said...

whatever lah. Malaysia will get what it deserves.

the world has chnagd. no political group can any longer mistreat others in this world without feeling a lot of pain. and that may not come from India.

so dont get over excited abt india. you have others to worry about..

Anonymous said...

Bosnia, Palastine & etc... UMNO (GoV) supports..even raises funds for for them. How come UMNO can but Tamil Nadu cannot ?

Anonymous said...

So when it is claimed that Singapore marginalised the Malays you "buat Bising" lar.....If I
tell you know there are policies in Singapore that is pro Chinese, will you believe me? I think you would straight away. Don't deny it. It is written on your face!! I don't even have to know you to know your answer.
I just need to read your writtings!!

Anonymous said...

Every other day a member of the government tells the chinese and indians to leave if they don't like the NEP and malay supremecy.

Kind of contradictory, when the indian complaints, government says go home to india, India complaints government says its none of your business.

Racist policies are oppressive acts by nature, either on its own citizens or its guest. Its never a long term social policy, its breed contempt and frustration. Malaysia is not far from being Sri Lanka.

Wait till china gets into the act, it has intervene in the Solomons Island, maybe it will go a little bit further, after the oil is good in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia has no standing to talk of the oppresion of Muslims in Palestine, as it is purely a Palestinian and Israeli problem. Get it?

holytounge said...

mr.chadda,pls send cruise ships not navy.a least we can go cruising.....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Syed Imran - Arab Malaysian?

Tell me, are you bumiputra or not?

Yap said...

"India should threaten militarily" Just try it and land in Malaysia. We will teach you militarily.
Don't under extimate our capability.

You cannot even feed your citizen in India thats why they come running to work in Malaysia.

Hindraf are clown, cartoon and blind. They isolate themselves in Malaysia.Remember the saying "If you see a snake and an kill the Indian first for the Indian is more poisionous than the snake

Anonymous said...

Racism and bigotry will never win in this period of Globalization.
It's about time Malaysian act upon this and stop this currupt and racist Gomen by voting them out of power before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is high time Malaysia sought closer military ties with Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Well the thing is, India's representative said that they want to deployed all the navys near our water region. Sounds like a threat! I will fought not because I think that the land was meant for the malays, but fought as Malaysians. So if you Indian guys think that Malaysia is way too fucked up for y'all, I urge you to find better places that suits you more.
Let say, India for instance?

Look! If y'all were not satisfied with the government, then why act on HINDRAFs behalf? Why BERSIH rally the other day, y'all didn't attend? And why on earth blame the Malays as an Islamic extremist & being spoilt by policies that we didn't even get? Bastards!

Y'all talked like we malays eat from your barehands. We dig up source from your hardwork. WTF? I'm busting my ass to get blame from you guys that I, as a malay, being spoilt by a government policy?

Are y'all in fully conscious of what was stated there in the NEP & why were it applied for? Or are y'all commenting on behalf of others & give out thoughts from other peoples' comments? Huh?

Ehh! Come on lah.
If I didn't give out support to HINDRAF, then i'm a racist. I should clean up my act & stop being in denial etc. What the hell is that?

Ehh, let me ask you a question. Kuil been build up without any approval of anyone right? Fine! So state me phrases in the constitution that says the Kuil will still be standing even if someone else bought that land. So the problem now, was with the developer. So why HINDRAF called malays the Islamic extremist? I would've slap this guy if we were to meet, mano e mano.

Stop acting like y'all were being discriminated like negro brothers in the US. Cuz as far that I know, Indians can get a job even if you're an ex-felony. Not like the negros, y'all even can marry a malay-muslim woman without being discriminate by all the orthodox & conservatives bastards. And as far as I'm concern, there's a lot of toddy stall not being demolished in most of majority Indian neighbourhood/estates. And what's with the "Ethnic Cleansing"? Really need one, is it? (Ok! I'm a bit racist there. Sorry!)

I can't help it but to notice that my Indian neighbours being a stranger to their Malay brothers becoz of this issue all of a sudden. Damn sorry for y'all lah!
Get your shit together since we Malays were also hard to make ends meet.

I'm done lah! Say what ever. You have the right to dispute & agree to disagree to what i have said. But just make sure that it's not going to make things worst.

Anonymous said...

1) Malaysia has meddle in Singapore domestic affair by accusing Singapore of mistreated ethnic Malays.
2)Malaysia has meddle in Thailand domestic affair by accusing Thailand of mistreated ethnic Malays in Pattani.

So why can't India meddle in Malaysia domestic affair? India merely following Malaysia footstep.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hi Hi...deiii you podah....For PM, don ever underestimate the power of India military. BN don play fool with Malaysian Indian & Chinese. Then India & Chinese give pressure, kita punya BODOWI kena lari lintang pukang. Malaysia's BN are stupid. Malaysia macam hero saje when condemn America's policy on iraq, palestin and Pakistan. But when other country condemn Malaysia's policy...kita punya Nasri kata mind your own business. Deiii deeiii pooodaaahhhh...We are in globalise world lerrr...get it into your brain. This is not 1969 where you guys can plan a riot and get out with it. Every one move of you is monitored around the world. Just one small mistake, malaysia will kena. I love malaysia, but not this screwed up UMNO led goverment.

Anonymous said...

Deiii..Shanan, apasal asyik nak ugut "jangan main dengan api", "playing with fire". Pooodaaahhh....bosan laa dengar..macam pengecut..

Anonymous said...

History always repeats itself. Why ? becausew e dont learn from it. Simple. Case and pont:
people or groups of peole are oppresed for too long they will fight back if nothing is done to address the issue. Look at Palestine today, so much violnec why? Nobody paid attention to oprresed people.
Look at Sri Lanka-- same people did nt listen.
look now what is happening to those to countries/places. Always on war path. Economies are in shambles.

I believe the Indians will resort to violence if their jsy needs are meet. They got nothing to lose. They have lost everything.
I wont be surprised soon, you will have bombs going off at diffrent parts of Malaysia. investors will run away, economy will crumble. then i wonder what the Malays and the rich folks will do?

I hope Badawi will raise up to the occasion as statesman and address the issues boldly. It is a fact the indians are behind. Nothing has been done. MIC was benefiting its leaders.

I hope and pray Badawi will be bold enough to admit mistakes and maje corrective steps. This is what separates a greta leader than a normal leader.
If 30,000 people show up for rally like that, you need to pay attention whether you like it or not.

It sadens me that Malaysia is beautiful place with Malays, chinese an dIndians growing together has becoem like this.

Muhibah without economic growth does not make any sense. it is meaningless.

Lets not blame others countries like iNdia, Britian , US etc. It takes a courageous leader to address the issue. Not by threatining ISA etc.

lets learn from great leaders like Mandela,Lech Walesa, Gorbachev, Yeltsin who were bold to amke changes whe required.
We should not be in denial.

i am an Indian but I know the Malays are wonderul and compassionate poeople. They wer ekind to me. I believe they the Malays willa rise to the occasion and be compassionate. Address the issues.

it i struea san Indian, indian are deprived palces in the universities. i saw firsthand. I dont think it is the Malays people but rather it is the policys behind it.

I am concerned if not addressed,mark my word, the beginning of the end is on the wall.

alhazeera said...

If Malaysian government can go put their nose inside Thailands affairs in order to help muslims in south Thailand why cant India help Malaysian Hindus?

Anonymous said...

Malaysians, please look at our future.The Malay privilege will create a problem amongst the Malays in time to come. I’m telling you this because in 40 years, bumiputras would constitute 80% of Malaysia based on the birth rate and migration rate of non-Malays. So where is the money going to come from to give the same form of aid that exists now, think! Oil and gas wouldn’t be there anymore, Malaysia would be net importers by 2012, while most rich Chinese tycoons would have siphoned their money elsewhere and relocated their families away from Malaysia. On the other hand, the government has to feed more people when there is less money, where is the money going to come form, please start asking yourselves. It has been set within the Malay community that certain things are an obligation that the ruling government has to fulfill, but this is not the same for the non-Malays. I urge Indians to be more progressive and expect the government for aid. The more independent we are, the better our survival rate in this ever changing world. Taking to the streets would not help, and if there was anyone to be blamed, it would be MIC and Samy Velu. There is discrimination, agreed, but tell me one developing country that doesn’t have discrimination. It is part of survival, as Hindus believe, maybe the good Karma of their past birth, which was why they were born as Malays, maybe Indians did less good, so they were Indians. We are still more fortunate compared to many in other parts of the world. WE NEED NATION BUILDING; WE ALL STAND TO LOSE IF WE DO NOT LOOK BEYOND 30 YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Time the govt wake up and stop its apatheid ala Malaysia.

Today well off Malays are helped by the govt but the poorer of the non Malays get token help or none.

Its a fact, Malays, don't deny it.

It is akin to Hitler's master race policy.

The govt must change its policies to help all Malaysians before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

I am a sad Malaysian. Well, since Independce, non-Malays have accepted the special 'bumi' privileges that our Malay bro and sis get. And this is totally acceptable to non-Malays as we believe in power sharing and the quota system eg 7% discount on purchase of a house for Bumis and Malay Reserve Land.

But situation became intensed when things like out of 200 local university seats to do medicine, only 1 is given to an Indian (0.05%)!! What happen to Quota (Indians represent 8% of the population), shouldn't it be 16 seats then?? And we are talking about a bunch of staright A's students. And why sagregation / seclusion in UiTM?

I will only blame the top most party leadership of the Indian community for not doing enough for struggling Indians....and no one else.

The Malays are a very humble and pleasent race, accomodating to almost everything. The Chinese are hardworking and waste no time. The Indians have always loved the nature of this diversity and would contribute accordingly.

Anyway non-Malays are your brothers the last 100 - 500 years. If you say go back (which I am sick and tired of hearing), then I hope the Orang Aslis do not say the same to you.


Anonymous said...

Pls note that hindraf’s petition is against the government/umno and NOT against malays. The only ones benefiting out of this whole NEP policy and the current government are the umnoputeras and their cronies.

Anonymous said...

"India should threaten militarily" Just try it and land in Malaysia. We will teach you militarily.
Don't under extimate our capability.

You cannot even feed your citizen in India thats why they come running to work in Malaysia.

Hindraf are clown, cartoon and blind. They isolate themselves in Malaysia.Remember the saying "If you see a snake and an kill the Indian first for the Indian is more poisionous than the snake

PM, your quite a guy. A snake and human cannot be compared even metaphorically. Hold your heart and say it out loud for the next person closest to you to hear, be it your love ones or any one else. We have Indian teachers before, friends and even kampong friends in our younger years, they are of different terms to be associated with. PM, best of luck to you in all your undertakings. By the way, I am a chinese.

Eagle Soar said...

Why is it alright for the malaysian government to criticise and condemn the israel government on the treatment of the palestinians and why is it wrong when other countries criticise our own government when they do something wrong??????

Anonymous said...

Why are there always a reason and excuses to be given every problem in our country. Be it about the plidge of the people to oppressionism. Why do we choose to ignore all problem and bury them in 7 feet of earth. Is this a Malaysian way? Are Malaysian really good at giving excuses than solving a problem?

Hindraf have brought a hugely ignored problem, something we know, but refused to acknowledge from our closet and aired it out to the world. The way they are doing it. Is not good. I don't agree with it. But this is out of desperation. People all around the world do desperate thing when they are left with little choice. Its natural. We had 50 years to solve this issue, but now that a huge drum been sounded, we do our next best thing, we give excuse.

Really. I believe Hindraf been approaching the government through proper channel for sometimes, but if you remember your experience with the government and how they mis-manage all complain... you do know how hard it is to get your message across.

This Hindraf brought more irks of our country. Not just about oppression of Indian, but how we deal with problem. Our excuses are...

1) "Indian are better off them Bumiputera." Statistically... Mind you rich indian are not complaining.. the really hard-core poor are.

2) Small Generous Charity work.. eg
"Oh we build temple...approve them, we build school, give them some donation. "( yes... if you earn 20k a month and donate rm1k to clear your conscious about doing something nice is fine by you why not...)

3)"We are not like other country." Who are we going to compare with... myanmar? ghana? are we so disillusion to compare ourself to worst of country rather then countries that are doing better?

4)"You don't understand the Malaysian way of doing things. so go away" A regular american idol quote " We agree to disagree" It another way of saying i am not improving myself... cause i think i am good enough.

5) They should stand by their own two feet and make a living like all of us. Imagine for once... your parent bringing you up with only RM500 for 3 kids. Imagine if your parent live in the estate. You will have difficulties making it into the middle-class lifestyle. Sparing the few really outstanding people i have met.

So how now? Are we Malaysian... cheap name caller? little boys and girls that give excuses when mummy caught us stealing? or are we going to face up to the problem of fixing this?

This is not a race issue things, This is a mis-management issue. If the Government are true in their effort to solve a problem and make everyone live in a better Malaysia ( rather then just themself) then even with the NEP in-place... everyone will be happy. Its our government job to fix the problem. If we vote them there. They be damn right sure they need to work as much as we the people been working hard for our living.

They need to sacrifice as much for the people, no-matter minority or majority. That is why we voted them.

Anonymous said...

I guess Malaysians are so divided now that when some misinformed foreign country threatens militarily and economically, they still have the time to bicker among themselves.

Indians must be so proud that their original country still remembers them and concerned for them. Can't say the same for Indonesians, even though you could say A lot of Malaysian Malays practically originated from the Indonesian part of the Malay archipelago.

I don't get the objectives of this Hindraf organisation. The lawsuit is too extreme, not to forget they are asking for UK's help at the same time?Their claims are also too preposterous and exaggerated(ethnic cleansing?), that will do damage to their Indian cause, and they're also begging help from other countries to meddle based on these alleged claims.

Trying to bring this into Sri Lanka level is ridiculous. They have a war there, and some people would regard the Tamils there as terrorists. You want Indians here to become like that?

Anonymous said...

These pariah in the name of Hindraf are in effect blind in their quest. Their caste make themselves feel inferiority. But some of their leaders are trying to resemble to be tigers in the course to scare Malays although they themselve acknowledge that they are just a donkey @ pariah. As a result we can see they are now talk like retarded person.

Da Real Deal said...

Don't fret Malaysians.

We will deal with troublemakers Malaysian style.

Even the US Vice President who came to town didn't help Reformasi much, even after Anwar's wife knelt before him to seek divine help, among other things.

What makes you think that toddy drinking peasants who can't help themselves in their native land will lift a finger to help their race in Malaysia? Likewise, the Malays in Malaysia will not help the Malays in Singapore because they determined their fate when they remained there instead of crossing over.

We take care of our own, be it Malays, Chinese or Indian. We care nothing for those beyond our shores and those who meddle with our business will be taught a lesson they won't quickly forget.

Malaysia will deal with Hindraf with clinical precision. Watch and learn.

Anonymous said...

Aah, at times like these, I wish more than once that Tun Dr Mahathir was our PM. No foreigner dared to mess with him with a remark like that & got away it.

Miss u My Dear Tun!!

Anonymous said...

hii malaysia!
ok i admit this is a funny artical eventhough some idiots ask india dont play with fire! eventhough we know that our helicopter always flying down not up! eventhough we know malaysia afraid to singapore! eventhough some of u know u are not dare to facing reality face to face only talking like idiots like rite now! nevermind i only can laugh with your stupid comment and this stupid artical! dare to be a man!

Anonymous said...

These (Hindraf) are Malaysian citizens, who by their own or their grandparents' choice had made Malaysia their homes, generations after generations. They were not forced to stay in Malaysia but made a conscious choice to stay in Malaysia to find a better life.

Is it even possible for Indonesians who now live here, 50 years onwards, sue the agents that brought them here because they have been marginalised?

I agree with Malaysian, do Hindus in Malaysia think all Malays get spoonfed and an easy living all through their life? We too have to study, work and work hard to earn a living. Maybe there are few on top who unashamedly abuse the system, but its the minority of Malays.

Ethnic cleansing is too harsh a word to be used.

The blame should rest on their own community, on their own people who create castes themselves and bicker away without actually helping others in need.

The Government can only do so much to help its people. The rest lay on the persons/community's hands.

And there are also succesful Hindus in Malaysia. One was even alleged to have arranged the top judges in Malaysia.

Things said, things have gone from bad to worse for the Hindu community now with Hindraf rally. Unless they get their 1 million pound each, things are more likely to go downhill from here for Hindraf.

Unknown said...

does anyone know if the british govt has responded to HINDRAFs submission?

it would be of great interest what they have to say...

it would...if they did admit to the floodgates to every tom dick and ali sueing them for whatever they have done in the last hundreds of years of collonization and raping and pillaging...

the british will not be so stupid!!!

good try tho HINDRAF...

PARIE SIVA. said...

Malaysia is where i was born,i prayed for the malaysian hockey team when it played against India during my childhood days,i loved malaysia more than anything,

Now a days i am sick and tired due to the negligence of the administration ,i can't but worry for the future of my childrens,

the ceiling is allways low for the non malays you can't jump to your attainable heights,is these what we call as fair in year 2007.

the non malay population is growing too,it needs bigger temples,churches not only for prayer but to congregate,to get to know ones culture,religion which is thousands of years old.take this facility away isn't it a form of extermination,
do we have to love this country and carry the burden of not belonging to it.

Its Okay with the bumi previlages,
but let us do what we want,and leave us alone,
don't rebuild a old temple and break ten temples,let our children get univercity enteries on merit rather than on qouta,some of the things we are going thru accounts to apartheid.