Thursday, November 22, 2007

BN facing uphill task in Penang

I was in Penang for a short visit to gather some information on the local political development. What caught me by surprise was a statement by a 70-year-old Malay from Kepala Batas, the constituency of prime minister Abdullah Ahmad (Badawi).

The man told me that more and more people in Kepala Batas are not happy with Abdullah for various reasons. To be fair to Abdullah, some of the reasons mentioned are out of his control such as the ever increasing cost of living, although many will argue that the government is responsible. It is debatable.

I asked him whether Abdullah can retain his seat in the coming general elections? He answered 'yes' but with a reduced majority. Will he vote for Abdullah? Without doubt he said 'no'.

Penangites that I talk to agreed that the Barisan Nasional (BN) will face an uphill task to be re-elected as the state government. A majority of Penang Malays are not happy with UMNO while the most of the Chinese that supported the BN in the 2004 elections, will swing to the opposition DAP.

Bread and butter issues and marginalisation of races are the main grouses.

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Anonymous said...

Saya juga bersependapat dengan orang ramai di Pulau Pinang.Issue inilah yang orang ramai sedang di pertikaikan.:-Bread and butter issues and marginalisation of races are the main grouses. Kita tunggu dan lihat the "erection" I mean election result.