Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It is time for political fund

The signs are here, goodies for the rakyat are coming, one by one. Political leaders, especially members of the Cabinet and state leaders, will be going around meeting the rakyat, with a friendly approach.

It is time to be caring, extra caring. Soon, some say before the end of the year, they will be facing the rakyat to seek votes.

And it is time to fill the political fund. Private corporations, big time contractors and successful businessmen be ready. It is time to pay back. Some say it is simply a "political contribution".

As for the rakyat, it is time to ponder, to evaluate and to calculate whether this administration deserves your support to administer the nation, again.


Lokin said...

Mr. Syed

The biggest contribution the members of the cabinet could offer the rakyat is to get their boss to wake up from his slumber. But, would they ever do that?

Unknown said...

No, they would not. As the saying goes "jaga periuk nasi" or its for their own self interest. Our ministers are not paid as much as their Singaporean counterparts, but I can tell you that their perks are huge, on my, much more than their pay "checks".

The civil servants will be getting salary hike, soon. This is another goody in the basket (elections bait - umpan pilihan raya).