Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A poem on the suicide bombing

The suicide bombing
by Dr Khalid S.A. Abu Al Saud
(A surgeon and political philosopher)

Mother.. O' mother... I love you!
I can't see you suffering anymore,
Crying daily, for having no money,
For bread, water, and electricity.
I can't see my sister Jamilah crying silently,
For being scared, and hungry.
Therefore I decided to sacrifice myself
For you, the family, and the holy, dying country.
Good bye, good bye... mother!

Mother...O' mother... pray for me!
They trained me well for my holy duty.
They promised me, to give you money,
For 15 years, regularly.
If I do my duty, correctly.
Ah... mother! ... You don't need to bury me,
As my body will be burnt to ashes, immediately.

Mother... O' mother... remember me!
Tell the smart people from West and East,
As long as there are... millions, and millions
Of desperate families like our family,
Of desperate children like me,
The world will see suicide bombing, continuously,
Even if they have summit-meetings, weekly.

Only just peace and economic security
Can prevent the tragedy.

O' Almighty, please forgive me, forgive me!
Good bye my soul and misery!
I'll see you soon in the garden of eternity.

You... you... stop immediately!
Boom... boom... boom... !!


Anonymous said...

It took me a while after reading this poem.

Honestly, I have to deny that suicide bombing attacks constitute terrorism.

Shame on us, if we don't try to help them out from their problem.

Unknown said...

Alhamdulillah for your understanding. As a person with some Arab blood in my humble body, sad to say that I am ashamed and disgusted with the Arab governments, be it Saudi, Egypt, Jordan or the rich Gulf states, for their weak stand on the Palestine issue. Sorry to say that they bowed so low to Washington for their own survival.