Friday, July 14, 2006

America continues to support Israeli terrorism

The United States again vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution put forward by Qatar on behalf of Arab states that called on Israel to immediately end its two-week military incursion in Gaza, and now in Lebanon.

For the record, about 30 of the 81 American vetoes cast over nearly 61 years of U.N. history have been linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It is clear that American support for Israel is limitless. The so-called custodian of democracy and freedom is 100 per cent bias in favour of Israel.

Israel is a client state of America, serving American interests or, more particularly, the interests of its power elites. This view is underpinned by the obvious importance of oil, the huge strategic importance of the region and the fact that if Israel did not further the interests of those who control America, then we can be sure America would not support Israel.

The conflation of Jewish interests with American interests is nowhere more than stark than in present American foreign policy. If ever an image was reminiscent of a Jewish world conspiracy, the spectacle of the Jewish neo-cons gathered around President Bush and directing policy in the Middle East.

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