Tuesday, June 20, 2006

From RTS to TCS

This is the story of a radio-television station located in a fine city state somewhere in South-east Asia.

Once upon a time, the electronic media or broadcasting station of this particular city state was free to report just about anything. That is why they were called RTS, as the reporters were free to "Roam The Streets" and "Report The Stories".

However, under the leadership of the strict and firm Mr LEE (Loves Editing Everything), RTS became SBC (Script By Censorship). Soon, most of the reporters quit while those who stayed behind had to work under very difficult conditions.

Since these reporters or broadcast journalists could not "roam the streets" or "report the stories", they had to fabricate "Si Beh Choon" stories that nobody wants to know. ("choon" is Cantonese for stupid).

Then SBC started to employ NUS (Nothing Up Stairs) students, the only people who thought the reports were not stupid, as reporters.

As there was nothing that could be freely reported, SBC changed its name to TCS (Totally Censored Station) and become a "Talk Cock Station" only. Hopefully, TCS will not change its name again to NCS (No Choice Station).

PS: Please do not get serious. It is just a "choon" joke.

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