Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lack of political will to curb corruption

If the government is really serious to curb corruption as stated by the Cabinet's self-appointed spokesman, Nazri Aziz, it must be bold to sustain political will to do so. It is no secret that "political corruption" is the root of all evils and the ruling party, Umno in particular, is equally guilty.

The government must get rid of "political corruption" or the widely spread "money politics" among the component partners of the ruling party.

The success in fighting corruption would merely remain an illusion if there is no political will to curb it. Do not blame the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA). Their hands are tied. They are free to investigate but not free to prosecute due to the lack of political will on the part of the government.

We accept the fact that corruption is impossible to eradicate completely similar to prostitution ...but it must be prevented as far as possible. To start with, the government must be serious to fight political corruption. There are too many corrupted political leaders in Malaysia.


Mat Jerman said...

I quote from NST, column title "Impartial body vital in fight against corruption", dated February 15th, 2007.

In response to Tan Sri Navaratnam's suggestion that an independent body anti-corruption body is the best way and proven way in other nations to fight graft,

Minister in the Prime Minster’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said

"We have been pondering what is meant by ‘independent’".

To this, I wonder, how long have they been pondering about the definition of independence. In my humble opinion: No wonder the Prime Minister's department can be observed to be quite slow on implementing the election pledge of 2004 to rid corruptions. They have been pondering on a lot of things, I guess!

Well, at least they have been pondering. Now I can rest that my thoughts that they are not taking any action to combat graft, have been proven otherwise. Since they have been pondering, I am sure it is quite sufficient for Malaysia to combat graft. I am sure by year 2050, Malaysians will rejoice at the thought of having found the meaning of "independent" after years of pondering.

And Nazri, who is also the Preparatory Committee chairman for the Asean Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Good Governance, must have been busy doing all the pondering as well as leading the caucus. He will do us proud when his pondering of the meaning of "independent" is discussed at the highest level amongst Asean countries.

The PM Department must be busy with Oxford dictionaries, pondering the meanings of words, I assume.

And, as they ponder, we might ponder as well what they meant by an "Anti-Corruption Agency".

Syed Imran said...

One way or another, and in most cases all the times, the government will set up a "Jawatankuasa Khas" or something like that to study dan submit proposals to overcome "problems" or something like that lah!

Keep on pondering, Nazri!

Syed Imran said... study dan submit... I am only following the "bahasa rojak" of the government ... mostly by ministers.

Mat Jerman said...

Tuan Syed,

Just a curiousity, these common terms used by the ministers, is there a codebook for them? Like a Cabinet reference book or something...cause time after time, I can hear these replies being used in so many occasions, sometimes inappropriately......


1. Kami sedang memantau keadaan ini. (the best so far)

2. Saya sedang menunggu laporan mengenai insiden ini.

3. Saya tidak boleh komen kerana ini akan mengganggu siasatan.

4. Satu jawatankuasa akan dibentuk untuk membincangkan perkara ini.

5. Kalau dia tamau bayar, dia buat itu jalan sendirilaa. (only 1 minister uses this one)

Just some examples. But as you are more closer to the powers that be, i think these standard replies are indeed very good to brush any further questions from reporters.

Below is a phrase that my friend said during a discussion with teh tarik:

Isu kerancakan ekonomi, pengangguran, harga gula,buang anak, mat rempit, ibu tunggal, pendatang haram, kesesakan lalulintas, malah semua isu-isu dalam negara akan selesai dengan perlaksanaan RMK 9.

Syed Imran said...

Mat Jerman, those are common standard answers by the ministers. An easy way out. As far as I am aware, there is no codebook but the ministers somehow adopt the same answers. May be they learnt from each other during the weekly cabinet meeetings.

I lost count the number of "jawatankuasa bertindak" or "jawatankuasa menyiasat" announced by cabinet ministers and how many were actually set up. No one knows.

I am doubtful those problems or issues can be "selesai dengan pelaksanaan RMK 9" in fact, more problems can be expected and corruption will continue to haunt the nation.