Sunday, February 18, 2007

Is the Sri Tanjung Pinang massive project safe?

This massive housing project is being put up on reclaimed land from the sea off Tanjong Tokong, Penang.

This particular stretch of the coast was badly hit by the tsunami. Several fishing boats were swept by the tidal waves onto the Tanjong Tokong Road. This area is facing the open sea (east of Aceh, North Sumatra). If another major earthquake occurs in that particular area and created another tsunami, most probably the Tanjong Tokong coast will be facing another disaster.

Therefore, is this massive housing project safe?


anak penang said...

Shall we ask the Hon Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon to comment? I believe Tan Sri is the peoples's representative for that area. If Tanjung Tokong was hit once, the Tsunami can strike again, given the change in global weather conditions.

Syed Imran said...

According to, the Penang state government has been accused of selling out the rights of its people to revenue and development by allowing private companies to reclaim and sell coastal land (for huge profit, I may add).

The report said for the past few years, the Penang government has bestowed the rights for free to various private companies to reclaim the coastal land and sell it to other private companies for development.

According to the report, Tanjung Pinang Development, an Umno-linked company, has reclaimed 392 hectares in the Tanjong Tokong coastal area. If I am not mistaken, the privatised Urban Development Corporation or UDA was the first "company" to be given the green light to reclaim the Tanjong Tokong coast. The area would be turned into a new township over the next few years.

Most of the development projects on reclaimed land target the higher income group including foreigners.

So, Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon, who is the State Assemblyman for Tanjung Bunga, is involved in approving the Tanjong Tokong project.

Mat Jerman said...

The MPPP (or any body approving the usage of the land) would not be held responsible if there are tsunamis that hit the place. Taking rule of law from the ruling of the Highland Towers case, whereby MPAJ was not all fault and not liable to any damages, I dont think UDA or any governing body will be held responsible if there was any natural disaster to hit the housing area.

Assuming the land was given free, exclusive the cost of reclaiming the land for the developers, this must be a very very brilliant idea for the developers.

Sell it for a large chunk of profit and leave them to the destiny of the waves.

I am very sad actually as Penangtites are pressed with the high living costs, transportation woes and skyrocketing costs of land and rental, the Government is giving even more room for the wealthy to purchase the land.

I clearly feel that the normal Ali, Ah Chong and Muthu is marginalised in the state.

And I wonder who will be buy those properties.

Well, at least those people living in Tanjong Tokong will have some respite. Now, instead of having the sea for view, they now have to see and envy rich people living along the coastline. tsk.

If a tsunami do occur, however, at least we can expect better valued assets washed to the island.

Syed Imran said...

Sad to say, the original plan is to develop housing for the Tanjong Tokong people (priority) by the Urban Development Authority (UDA), but UDA was privatised (to whom/or which group of people you should know) and thus the result.

Tanjong Tokong folks or for that matter most of Penangites, Malays in particular, could not afford to purchase the houses at the Sri Tanjung Pinang scheme. Too expensive (above RM300,000) and I was told that foreign buyers from Singapore and even Hong Kong are the target of the developer.

This is the "promises and assurances" of the government to the local population.

It is a classic example of "cakap tak serupa bikin" or "cakap lain bikin lain".

Syed Imran said...

The Sunday Times reported that part of the sea (Gurney Drive) between Jalan Pemenang and Tanjong Tokong is dirty and muddy (low tide). It said it was caused by the land reclamation off Tanjong Tokong. This the price we have to pay for "disturbing" the nature.

SNI said...

I just want to share some info regarding this project. I am the one who involved in reclamation works for this project in 2004-2005 before leave for other project in UAE. Reclamation cost is RM 200M and I continued work there in december 2005 until november 2006 for road, drainage and sewerage works. This reclamation area around ~200 acres belongs to E&O Properties. For information, UDA land is nearby and not included in this area. As what I know, double storey terrace house price is from rm700k onwards and bungalows lot ~1M.