Tuesday, February 27, 2007

If you are married, say so Pak Lah!

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to inform the public of his marriage. I am not saying that he or she must tell the whole world, suffice to inform your relatives and friends. Why? Simply to avoid being accused of illicit sex or zina.

If the person is the leader of the community, state or nation, then he must not hide his marriage, be it for the second, third of even fourth time.

So, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi must come forward, either to deny or confirm, his marriage to Jean Danker. Marriage is the sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. and the Malays even describe it as "mendirikan masjid".

Let the truth prevails.


Anonymous said...

Benda baik kena cakaplah...at least menyelamatkan kita dari fitnah yang kita buat sendiri.

Sebagai pemimpin, rakyat boleh tahu.....

Anonymous said...

Can not help lah, if the person himself ignore about his own religious belief... some people pray GOD AL MIGHTY, some pray the moon, some pray to Donkey, perhaps the one we have now pray to Monitor Lizards.... like that black fella, running up down North South Toll Highways.

What to do ma... people are all weird and cuckoo!