Sunday, February 18, 2007

"No elections anytime soon," says the great son-in-law

Malaysians can be rest assured, there will be no elections anytime soon. It is confirmed by none other than the great son-in-law of the great leader himself. I wonder whether the son-in-law was advised to say so by the country's editor-in-chief, the ex-mullah from Kroh (now Pengkalan Hulu) .

So those who are dreaming to be the Yang Berhormat, you can keep on dreaming and the present YBs, there are plenty of time to do "something" to secure your future, to maintain your life-style and to enjoy the good life!

The son-in-law was quoted by the media as saying that the government, yes the government, is unlikely to call for a general election anytime soon. He said various factors had to be taken into account, not just the current strong economic situation.

On what capacity is the son-in-law speaking on behalf of the government? Is he a member of the administration? Umno Youth is not the government, so can the deputy Umno Youth chief issued statements, verbally or in print, to the media on behalf of the government?

Who is in charge of the government? What is the status of the Cabinet so much so that a non-member can freely speak on behalf of the government on such an important issue like the general elections?

The prime minister cannot blame those who criticises his leadership if he allows the son-in-law and his cronies to dictate things on behalf of the government. It is a mockery of democracy.


Anonymous said...

Tuan Syed Imran

Your article was reposted on this website:

Yes, it seems Pak Lah has surrendered his Prime Ministership to his son-in-law, who became a Deputy UMNO Chief by default, and as Dr Mahathir rightly said, Khairy or UMNO Youth is having too much influence on the Cabinet, pre-empting the powers of Parliament and too much influence on Government policies.

It is right that almost all Malaysians feel that Pak Lah is either actually sleepimg on the job or is sleep-walking on the job.

Dr Mahathir's move to shut down the uncalled for influence of the son-in-law in Govt and Cabinet polities seems to be correct.

In the beginning, many Malaysians failed to realise the tentacles of the son-in-law in the Govt's decision making in most of the critical issues eg Proton issue and the racial-politics of Malays vs non Malays on vernacular schools as well as his crony connections with the UMNO-owned media NST through his crony connection with Kalimullah Hassan.

Syed Imran said...

Yes, Tun M is right... all along. Pak Lah will continue to day-dream when he is not sleeping on the job.

Lokin said...

Dear Mr Syed

All leaders, either born or made, are mere representatives . History keeps its record. Let this one creates a story of its own to tell. The world is no short of incapable leaders but short of capable ones. Let this leader chooses his destiny. We took him as our leader, by default too, didn't we? Or had I forgotten? It maybe not him my dear brother, it's the system we accepted with our blood. Admit it, after years of independence, we are still not "free". People like Khairy have always been around, just like another jester in the king's court. Back to Square One, it is the system that we should question.

Syed Imran said...

Dear Lokin,

The Tunku wrote, and I quote: "Politics is a game of life, no less providential and God-sent than other fine professional careers. Very much depends on how one plays politics, and where one plays it. Different situations in different countries with peoples of different temperament require different tactics."

This leader is playing a different type of political game based on the adopted system.

Mat Jerman said...

And so he declared.

Unwittingly, Khairy had proven the accusations that he wields much more power than his official tag as Deputy UMNO Youth Chief.

But none dare to cross his line, though, for the very fear of Mat Rempits that he had championed are guarding him night and day.

Might I add here a little bit more, I quote this from the Star article dated February 18, 2007 titled, "Khairy: No need to rush into polls" :

"He was commenting on a recent reminder by Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for Umno leaders to cast aside their differences and ensure the party is on a stronger footing to face the election"

In short:
1. The DPM and Deputy UMNO president told UMNO to be prepared for the election.

2. But, The Deputy UMNO Youth said that we dont need to rush into polls.

These are contrasting messages from the 2 listed here. Who is the more powerful amongst the 2?

If he (KJ) can comment that the DPM is indeed wrong, it is not mistaken to assume that he has more power in his hand. And if the media publishes his words AS IF he IS the power holder, then it must be true.