Sunday, May 13, 2007

May 13 - darkest day in Malaysia's history

Today, May the 13th is another day in history. A dark day. No words can exactly describe May 13.

Just a reminder to all Malaysians, especially those young and inexperienced politicians of all races, in particular the famous son-in-law and the keris wielding youth leader, mind your language!

They should be reminded of what Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman said three decades ago.

"The promises we made, that is to live together with the maximum of understanding and goodwill, are still fresh in the minds of many older men. Can our people forget that grand record which brought so much glory to our country? Disasters are taking place around us and governments fall like ten-pins. People have had to flee their countries for safety elsewhere, happiness for them is gone; many have lost their loved ones. Could we risk facing such a catastrophe (and it is easy for trouble to break out here) where people in this country are made up of so many races and so many religions and are so divided?

"It is a risk not worth the taking. The well-being of the country rests on understanding and goodwill among the people, and this must be the first consideration of all our good citizens. Our nation came into being through our joint efforts. It was nurtured by us in its infancy, and now that it has grown to maturity we must not ruin it."

Let us pray that there will never be another May 13. Never.

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Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky said...

Thank you for the reminder bro. But I think it is too late for keris-kisser to mend his ways. If he stops his keris act, he will be seen as even weaker than the wimpy image that he has created for himself. If he continues with the act, he will not appear stronger either.
This is the Hisham dilemma.