Sunday, May 27, 2007

Islamisation is a new trend, says LKY

(The civilised United States Marines, occupying with no respect at all, the Khulafa Rashideen mosque in Falluja, Iraq)

Islamisation and the distinctiveness of Muslim practices was described as a new trend by Lee Kuan Yew, mentor minister of Singapore. "We have to watch this trend carefully and not allow our society to become divided," he told the republic's Malay/Muslim community leaders at a "tea session" in 2003.

He said, inspite of 9/11 and the arrest of the so-called Jamaah Islamiah (JI) "conspirators" in Singapore, relations between the races have not been shaken. The leaders of the Malay community have been solidly with the government "to ensure no divergent religious teachings take place," and people were vigilant against possible terrorist groups.

Kuan Yew warned that such issues would not go away soon. He said developments abroad, in the Middle East, in Iraq and Palestine, in Indonesia and Malaysia, would "influence the thinking and feeling of Muslim Malays in Singapore."

"But we must always remember that we share one island and a common destiny, that we have to protect this island and each other's interests. We should always be able to make whatever accomodation is needed and overcome our difficulties as one nation."

Kuan Yew went on to say that "we are in a period of stress and change in the Arab world of the Middle East that will have unpredictable repercussions on Muslims elsewhere, including Singapore." That would require careful and skilful management. But, he was confident that whatever developments, Singapore Malays would be able to find their place in society as equal citizens.

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