Sunday, May 20, 2007

First Bernama news - May 20, 1968

On May 20, 1968 (39 years ago), Bernama, the newly established national news agency of Malaysia, transmitted its first message via teleprinter reporting the launching of its own news service. The report was published on the front page of the Malay Mail. Copies of the newspaper were being sold on the streets of Kuala Lumpur 90 minutes after the end of the ceremony.

The then Information and Broadcasting Minister, Senu Abdul Rahman, released balloons and doves to mark the opening of Bernama's news service. "I am the happiest person here," he said.

Thirteen doves - representing the 13 states of Malaysia - were freed by the minister before he released dozens of multi-coloured balloons.

The symbolic ceremony, recorded by film and television cameras, took place in the grounds of Bernama's original headquarters in Jalan Pekeliling (now Jalan Tun Razak).

The original Bernama logo

The Bernama pioneers

General Manager Syed Zainal Abidin

News Executive (English language) Chang Yen Fooi

News Executive (Malay language) Abdul Wahab Abdul Majid

Secretary/Accountant Mohd Yusof Bador


Anonymous said...

So..indeed it was MALAYSIA NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY and not Malaysian National Agency???? who's responsible for the error, a typo or a change of name????
Anybody notices this?

Syed Imran said...

Yes, originally it was Malaysia's National News Agency and not Malaysian. Can Bernama's ex-superman SJ provide the answer.

Unfortunately, sad to say, Bernama created three blunders this year.

On March 11, a news item quoting murdered Mongolian model, Altantuya's father as saying that he was pleased that the Shah Alam High Court had brought forward the murder-trial to June 2007 instead of March 2008. Bernama quoted Dr Setev Shaariibu as saying "It gives me great relief to hear this".

According to the report, Dr Shaariibu told Bernama in a telephone interview from Ulan Bator, in an emotion-choked voice.

Dr Shaariibu, according to Bangkok-based blogger Susan Loone, speaks very little English, denied speaking to Bernama. He gave an interview only to a Wall Street Journal reporter, Yaroslov Trofimov.

This month, Bernama reported from Langkawi that Malaysia and Singapore is to set up a "consultative committee" re the Iskandar Regional Development Centre. The news item was later replaced and the word "consultative" taken out.

From Kuala Kangsar, Bernama reported that Celcom, with the cooperation of the news agency (official media), is offering video clips of the royal wedding. The following day, it was denied with apology, by General Manager Azman Ujang. To my knowledge, it was a first by Bernama, that is denying its own news item.

Remember, Bernama pledged to dessiminate news and information that are - accurate; objective; complete; and timely. It is not a good start for Yong Soo Heong, the first non-Malay editorial boss, and Azman Ujang, the administrative head of Bernama.

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, it was a first by Bernama, that is denying its own news item.

Yes Pak Tuan,

This was the first time Bernama denied its own news. What a sad day for Bernama and was done by the general manager no less! Was told the non-executive chairman was fuming mad and scolded azman ujang for a blunder that resulted from an oversight by a lady manager.

The best part was that azman did not even know what was happening, only knew about it after he had an earful from annuar zaini.

As was foretold, this and many more blunders will happened if you have clowns like azman ujang as d general manager who knows next to nothing about anything. He was so stupid that even a photographer could even con him over a get rich quick scheme a few years ago!

Poor Bernama and poor its equally stupid staffs who worship azman ujang. Behind his back in Angkasapuri, those senior officials were laughing at him for the clumsiness and ineptness he had shown thus far.

There not much to say about azman...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 10.57am,

What is this story about a sweet-young-thing who had earlier wanted to tender her resignation, but was called up by the GM and was counter offered with a lucrative deal to make her stay?
Is it fair to the others, especially those senior SSM staff who had given their best years and yet to be promoted?
If my presumption is correct, you are in the know about this when this was brought up at the recent editorial meeting.
Would you like to share it with us?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @11.52am

You know as much as i know...

It seems that these days since the inept azman ujang is the gm, nothing else is secret, not when he is on the fone everytime and everywhere and to everyone.

Bernama is going to the dogs...oppss...going to the pariah dogs!

As u said it man, an swt (sweet xxxxx xxxxx) will be the new discovery of the new gm who had walked this way b4, for he was head over heels with an swt a few years ago (not that long, just recently when he was kp) and at the same time wooing a janda at the future desk? bernama got future desk eh? NOT futures lor!

The rest, it goes without saying lor...

Anonymous....wishes to remain so at this point of time

Anonymous said...

tahniah bernama..!! tahniah kerana telah BERJAYA buang 14 org pekerja yg tiada masalah disiplin..! tahniah sekali laggii..

Syed Imran said...

Saya turut bersimpati dengan mereka. Kepada pengirim maklumat, sudilah beri maklumat tambahan dan yang lebih jelas. Terima kasih.