Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Isa Samad's appointment 'bad news for market'

Nothing new as far as Malaysia is concerned. Many political has beens are heading government agencies and GLCs.

Isa Samad's appointment 'bad news for market'


sgray said...

Is a fact or another ploy to discredit FELDA.

Mat Jerman said...

Nothing can justify this. Someone who has been found to be guilty of corruption heading a Government Linked Company. Are there no one else?

Is this reward for the earlier punishment? Thus, it was clearly play acting on the earlier punishment and all?

Syed Imran said...

Mat Jerman,

It is simply a mockery of corporate governance, democracy and transparency. Others will think that Malaysia lacks talent, thus corrupt ex-leaders are still needed. As the saying goes, Malaysia Boleh.

tokman said...

Felda Group is a very big successful conglomerate today built from virgin jungle and by the landless families.....appointing a person with integrity and wisdom would be most appropriate to head the organisation. A political figure that even UMNO could not accept as Vice President but said to be the right person to head Felda Group speaks volume about the mentality of the PM and really bad news to the market!