Thursday, January 10, 2013

PM Najib's approval rating slips, says Merdeka Center

A survey carried among voters in Peninsular Malaysia at the end of December 2012 by MERDEKA CENTER found that Prime Minister Najib Razak's approval rating had slipped slightly from 65% in November 2012 to 63%.

The survey found that while satisfaction among Malay and Indian voters remained strong at 77% and 76% respectively, the sentiment among Chinese voters had dropped to 34%.

According to MERDEKA CENTER, findings from the survey uncovered significant differences in the views expressed by younger compared to older voters, men compared to women voters as well as lower income compared to middle or upper income voters.

The survey also found that voters' perception on the government remained lukewarm with only 45% of the respondents who said that they were "happy with the government" while 47% said that they were "happy with Barisan Nasional". 

The survey was carried out by MERDEKA CENTER for Opinion Research between 15th and 28th Dcember 2012 to gauge voters' perceptions of current developments in Malaysia. 

Some 1,018 registered voters comprising 59% Malay, 32% Chinese  and 9% Indian respondents were interviewed by telephone in the poll.

(MERDEKA CENTER for Opinion Research was formally established in 2001 as an independent organization focused on public opinion research and socio-economic analysis.)    

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