Saturday, February 18, 2006

Lenggor Man - the Malaysian "Bigfoot"

A wildlife protection society in the Malaysian state of Johor said it has "scientific evidence" to prove the existence of "Bigfoot" whose reported sightings recently in the Johor jungles have excited the world's media.

Not just one "Bigfoot" but a whole colony of the giant, hairy creatures which the society named "Orang Lenggor" or "Lenggor Man" as was spotted near a river by that name.

In a despatch from Johor Baharu, Malaysia's southern city north of Singapore, national news agency Bernama quoted the Johor Wildlife Protection Society secretary Tay Teng Hwa as saying that "we will make public the evidence soon."

He said a member of the society had studied the creatures for six years and interacted directly with the colony.

Tay claimed that the adult creatures were between 10 and 12 feet tall while their children were six to seven footers. Seventy per cent of the Orang Lenggor have a human appearance but the rest resemble apes.

Earlier reports quoted several quarters as claiming that the creatures were between 10 to 30 metres tall, which is hard to believe.

Tay told Bernama that the society decided to reveal its discovery because foreigners armed with sophisticated equipment were entering the Johor tropical rain forests to track down "Bigfoot" without the knowledge of the state authorities.

The "Orang Lenggor" had a covering of black hair on their bodies when they were young but the hair gradually turned brown as they grew older, Tay said and added that they like to eat fish and fruits.

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