Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Informarion minister resigns

Hardly 24 hours after my posting on the cabinet re-shuffle, flamboyant Information Minister Kadir Sheikh Fadzir has resigned (Tuesday Feb 14 in Malaysia).
Kadir was expected to be dropped (some quarters would describe it as being sacked) by Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi in the re-shuffle together with Home Affairs Minister Azmi Khalid and maybe International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz.
So it is better to resign than to be sacked.
Kadir's days in the federal administration are numbered after he failed to defend his UMNO supreme council seat in the party polls last year. (UMNO is the main Malay political party leading the Barisan Nasional co-alition government)
Kadir was first appointed a minister by Dr Mahathir Mohamad in May 1999, when he took on the Arts, Culture and Tourism Minister portfolio. Prior to that, he served as deputy ministers in various ministeries.
Kadir was born in Tawar village, Baling, Kedah State in 1939. His parents were Indian Muslims. So he is not a Malay by birth but a constitutional Malay.

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