Saturday, April 29, 2006

US-led war against terror creates terror

The American-led war against terror has not only fallen far short of its objectives but has also fuelled terror across the globe. The reason that the US-led fight against what it termed as 'terrorism' has made little headway despite having spent more than four years and tens of billions of dollars around the world is that the strategy behind the campaign failed to add the human element to their calculations.

Poverty, unemployment and frustration stemming from denial of social justice are some of the reasons that lead to senseless actions that caused terror and chaos. The world was much safer before George W. Bush unilaterally decided to attack, destroyed and occupied Iraq with the support of his English poodle Tony Blair and later his Australian wallaby John Howard.

Before the US-led occupation, Iraqis were blessed with ample fresh water, enough food, electricity, fuel, freedom (yes with some restrictions), education and law and order. Look at present-day Iraq... this is what the promised freedom and democracy is all about if it was forced upon you by superbullies like the US and its so-called allies.

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