Friday, April 28, 2006


(The lamp-post climbing pig-tailed macaque is, hopefully, mature enough to realise the danger of doing so!)

Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin says the thinking of Malaysians had yet to reach the level of maturity as those in the West. So, it is not the time yet to invite oppostition Members of Parliament (MPs) to give their views on the national tube.

'It is a long way to go, it is not the time yet. We have to democratise them first, then only they will not think in terms of race,' he said when winding-up the debates on the Ninth Malaysia Plan for his ministry in Parliament today (Thursday, 27 April).

Teresa Kok, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) representative for Seputeh constituency complained that Radio-Television Malaysia's 'Parlimen Hari Ini' programme on RTM1 had only invited government MPs to give their views.

'Our speeches are not quoted or aired. That is why many people do not watch (view) RTM programmes. It is biased. It is a government organ. It should take the example of BBC, a television station which belongs to the government but still respects the principle of democracy,' said Kok.

However, ex-journalist Zainuddin or ZAM, replied that Malaysians were still thinking a lot along racial lines, unlike the audience in the UK (United Kingdom) or Europe.

What can I say..., I am ashamed to be told by none other than the information minister, who I believed is well informed, that I am still not as mature in thinking as those in the West. I say 'I' because if a man who is 57 years old is not yet mature, what about those who are much younger, nearly half the population of Malaysia.

When are we going to grow up and face the reality of life, I would say political reality....hopefully it is not too late.

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